Book your perfect stay

Your check list for every trip!

Is it your first time organizing a trip by yourself? Not sure what are the things you should pay attention to? We will take you through couple of steps which will help you to plan your voyage trippingly! So, let’s start exploring!

If you are not traveling by a car you should probably buy an airplane/bus ticket. There are plenty of travel fare metasearch engine websites which will help you find the best and cheapest solution. We will mention some of them. Our choice this time will be Skyscanner at and Global cheap flights at Those two websites are easy to use, and for beginners the best option. When we are talking about buses/railway tickets, it is hard to find global search website with the accurate information. Therefore, we will discuss about this topic in future with concrete examples. However, feel free to contact us if you are having problems with finding and booking tickets.

Once we have booked our ticket, it is time to find some nice and cozy place to stay. Ideally, near touristic attractions.

We prefer Booking at because it has useful filters, it is transparently and again, easy to use for beginners. They also have a loyalty program throughout you can gain discounts on some room rates. There are options of free cancellation, partially refundable and non-refundable room rates. It is good to know difference between hotels, hostels, apartments, B&B, shared rooms etc. We will discuss about it in future.

Sometimes small inconveniences happen.

We all feel uncomfortable in those cases, however, having paid insurance with you will give you certain relief. In many cases they will cover damage up to 30k EUR and money you spent on medication will be returned to you (but don’t forget to keep your receipt as a proof). Inform about insurance agencies in your country and have in mind that there are several types of insurances, depending on your age and destination you are visiting.

We arrived on our destination! Let’s find the cheapest way to reach our staying point for certain period.

If you want to book private transfer we would recommend you websites already mentioned above, but also you can try with Shuttle direct at Have in mind that this option can be very expensive which depends from destination, travel distance and type of vehicle you are about to choose. Many hotels offer free transfer included in you room rate. However, using trains at local destination when going between two cities, or simply, using a metro it’s more interesting and on the other hand cheaper. Differences in prices can reach up to 50 or 100 EUR.

Last but not the least are some government requirements you have to know about your travel destination.

Check if it’s required for your country to have visa when traveling in certain area. This information you can find on your government’s website or you can contact the embassy of the country you are planning to visit. Besides visa, some countries require health certificate, like yellow vaccine certificate (also known as yellow card). Accurate information about this you can find on World health organization website You can save money in this step as well, because some travel agencies will charge you for the visa application even if you can get visa for free at the airport.

As we have already mentioned above, these are just steps which will help you to organize easily and you can expect new texts about each of these steps with more interesting info. We hope you enjoy reading and do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can explain a little bit more for you.