Internet, internet everywhere!

Today you can buy anything you want from your cozy chair. In this text we will explain how to book your ticket online and what to pay attention to while processing your reservation.

We mentioned some website search engines on our homepage and now we will discuss about details. Step by step.


Let’s say we want to travel to Miami in June and we will spend one week there. In this example we will show how it works on Skyscanner’s website.

First step consists of several information we have to provide: to choose if we want return, one way or multi-city ticket, fill in from and to field, select depart and return dates, cabin class (economy/business) and to enter number of travelers. In our example we will choose Belgrade as our depart point.

*Interesting information: Every airport has its own 3 or 4 letter-code, however, some cities have more than one airport so if we enter just Miami,  website will offer us to choose which airport we want (as you can see in previous picture). Some airports are cheaper than other! Have that on mind. Belgrade airport has BEG letter-code.

When we click on depart field, drop down menu will pop-up and now we can choose desired date.

*Interesting information: If you are flexible with your dates, try 2 or 3 different options. You will be surprised with the fact that one day changes your final price up to 200 or 300 EUR.

Second step is to click on search flights button and to see what are the possible options for us. As you can see this website is offering 3 options with following criteria: best, cheapest and fastest. The ideal situation would be – best, cheapest and fastest option at the same time. It happens sometimes – so if it does, that is your lucky day, don’t miss it out!

At this point we are looking for cheapest option and as you can see it costs 552 EUR (per person). When we click on select we can see flight details.

Total outbound journey duration is 15h 40min with one stop in IST (Istanbul) – with duration of  1h 30min and two flights BEG-IST (1h 45min) and IST-MIA (12h 25min). Red dots are stops, one dot = one stop!

Important! Prices shown always include an estimate of all mandatory taxes and charges, but remember to check ALL ticket details, final prices and terms and conditions on the booking website before you book.

Third step is to choose booking website and at the end – your payment. Don’t get confused. Skyscanner is only search engine website that will proceed you to other website. The list of websites will be provided as shown below.

We will book our ticket through GotoGate website since it offers the cheapest price by selecting select button. Once we open this website there will be several steps to be completed before finishing our booking:

1. Search results – choose again the same, cheapest, option by clicking book.

2. Passenger details – enter all passengers information required (they have to match with passport information). In this section you could be asked for some extra services (special meals, baggage service, upgrades to different class, seat selection etc.) It is very important to choose NO as option for every offer if you don’t want any of these, because sometimes they will automatically add charges to your final price!

3. Service offerings – again some extra services like support packages, visa application forms, baggage insurance, delay compensation etc. Add what you need and, again, click NO if you don’t need any.

4. Payment – in this section you will check booking details (price, dates, names, baggage allowance…) and you will enter payment information. Almost every website accepts all forms of credit/debit cards, but have in mind that some websites will charge you for selected payment type (for example if you pay with Visa Electron card, website will charge you 22 EUR for that).  After clicking PAY you will be proceeded to the last step.

5. Confirmation – if the transaction was successful you will receive an e-mail with your invoice and electronic ticket.

Every website has different steps, some will have less some will have more, but in general it is all about the same. Just be patient and read what you are about to book.

Keep electronic ticket for your reference during journey and we hope to see you soon at Trippingly!

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