Adding extra services.

In one of our previous texts we mentioned that sometimes your airplane ticket does not include baggage or meal. If you don’t need checked bag or you are going to check-in for your flight online, instead of doing that at the airport, you may pay less.

So, what are the services we can add to our flight? We will show on one example.

This time we are using Cheap flights to book our flight.

By clicking on view deal, we will choose first, the cheapest option and let see what we can add to our trip.

This fare includes checked baggage! For each passenger one piece of baggage in both directions. In the next steps you can make seat selection for which you will pay extra (depending on seat type). If you don’t want to reserve it – you will be assigned with random seat once you check-in. The worst thing that can happen is…you may not get seats together.

One of the “for free” service is specific type of meal. If you can’t eat some food for medical or religion reasons, you can order one of the following special meals: vegan, gluten free, halal, hindu, diabetic etc. This option is for free just if your meal is already included in the ticket price.

If you cancel the trip, there is a chance for refund . But, this is never for free. Usually, price is per person and per segments of flight. In this case, we have 2 passengers and 6 sectors (6 different flights). Have in mind – refund is partial.

Next, you can add travel insurance – Reimbursement if you cannot travel for any valid reason, Delayed and missed flight cover, Baggage compensation, Repatriation insurance, Medical expenses cover etc.

If you are not sure with your travel dates you can add Flexible Travel Dates service to your booking in case you have to change flight dates.

Basically, all of these services are for everyone’s comfort during the flight. At the other hand they are great for those who would like to save money.

We remind you once again, read carefully all the steps in your process of reservation and make your trip trippingly!