Big cities are sometimes like a huge jungles.

I really love to use Google Maps while planning my trip. Of course, transport is different in every city or simply you can’t find all the points in gMaps. However, when visiting some new place you might have difficulties with getting around. At this stage of planning it is very useful if you know how to use maps.

We will see how it works throughout one example, and after that you will have clear picture.

First of all, we will open gMaps in our browser. In front of you is the search dialog box where we will enter our place (starting point).

In this example I will take you through my “getting around” when visiting Madrid for the first time. I want to know how to get from the airport to the hotel.

By clicking on Directions option the following window will appear:

Click on the two arrows at the right side if you want to reverse starting point and final destination. You will get several options, depending on what type of transport you want (driving, transit, walking, cycling or flights) and also there is Recommended travel mode option.

Transit option is the option I use most of the time. As you can see on the following picture, Google Maps are offering few options and by clicking on one you can also see the line on the map which represent route.

Sometimes it’s easier to choose option with less connections than the one that is faster. It’s up to you what will be your final decision. Total time is cumulative time you need to reach the final stop (including metro, bus and walking distance). Also, have in mind that these options are real-time. If you search for them in 2 hours again, you will get different results! I use it just to have an idea of what to expect, however, Madrid is a big city with huge transition net so I had an easy job.

You can also download application for metro/bus for specific destination (if there are any available). We will mention some of them in our future articles.