What to expect with certain accommodation type?

If you are planning to book the place to stay in during holiday you will be offered with different types of properties. Many of them are very similar, however, you might get confused with different names of properties. 

Hotel is definitely the most popular and well known type of property. Hotels offer you privacy, comfort and many other benefits. Prices in hotels vary from very cheap to extremely expensive. Number of stars will indicate you about the hotel luxury but not always. Hotel standards are not the same in every country. Five star hotel in Asia will not cost you the same as a five star hotel in Europe. Therefore, you should not expect the same level of service in each. Staying at the hotel also gives you the opportunity to have meals included with your room rate, however, this option is available with some other types as well.  

Guesthouseshostels and motels (usually near big roads/highways) are the cheapest solution if you want to save some money. They will offer you private or shared room and private or shared bathroom. You can also find the term “dormitory” which means one big room with 6 or more beds in it. Basically, in this case you are booking a bed in a shared room. There are male, female and mixed dormitories. These types of accommodations do not have some strictly form or standards like hotels do.  

One of my favorite type of accommodation are apartments, or, also known as studios. If you are traveling with a big group, or you are having a family trip, this option sounds like a great solution. It makes you feel like home. It gives you extra space, comfort and equipment that will make your stay easier. Similar to apartments are villas which are basically houses with 2 or 3 rooms that have private bathroom but dining room or kitchen are not necessarily private. Again, good choice for families or big group. 

B&B (Bed & Breakfast) sometimes called Inns are basically cheap guest houses. Small rooms that offer you a place to stay in and to have some snack in the morning for breakfast. Best choice if you are passing by or if you are staying for a night or two. 

Something I’ve recently discovered are boats or botels as a type of accommodation. Literary, rooms on boats. Floating hotels are very common in northern Europe. Boats have all the facilities needed and usually very small rooms. 


That’s all folks! We are now more familiar with accommodation terminology, however, many of these have a lot in common as you can see. We would like to remind you that you can also book accommodations through Booking.com form on our homepage.

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