All you have to know about e-ticket is here.

This text will help you to understand more electronic ticket and her purpose. Long time ago, all tickets were printed but today you can board the plane having your boarding pass on portable device (i.e. mobile phone).

First, we will underline the difference between electronic ticket and boarding pass.

Electronic ticket is electronic form of your itinerary. It includes passengers details, itinerary details including duration of all stops (if any), airline reservation number and baggage information. You will receive this ticket on your e-mail after confirming your payment. You can print it or make a copy on your mobile phone for just in case.

Boarding pass is a piece of paper or piece of electronic form of paper which you will use to board the plane. One boarding pass has: QR code (quick response code), your name, seat number, date, flight number, itinerary, departure and boarding time.

I will return now on e-ticket. Depending on how you purchased your ticket, you might get two (2) reservation numbers – one from the ticket provider and another one will be airline reservation number. You will use it to access your profile and later online check-in process on the airline’s website. It is very easy to recognize which one is the one you need. For example if you purchased your ticket via it will be written Reservation number. Use this number to access your reservation on the website. You will find airline reservation number twice on your e-ticket (one for each direction) and it will be the same number for both of them. You can have res. number ABCD1E.

The last thing I would like to explain is e-ticket number. How to recognize it? The longest number you can find ? Usually it’s a 13 digits number and you can use it for online check-in when you are not using airline reservation number. Again, it depends from either you purchased the ticket from the airline or from some other provider. In general it works every time with your e-ticket number.

See you with next text about boarding passes and online check-in!

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