...and online-check in.

As I promised in one of our previous texts about electronic ticket, today I am writing more about boarding passes and online check-in process.

Let’s remind once again what is a boarding pass and how to read information from one. On the following pictures you can see examples.

First two pictures are paper form of boarding pass which includes your name (XY person), itinerary (BEG-IST), flight number (TK1082), class (Y – abbreviation from economY), date (19 DEC ), time (09:30), seat number (11A) and at the bottom you can find e-ticket number (13-digits number). On the second picture you can see the other side of your boarding pass which contains your reservation code and QR code regarding information for easier tracking of your luggage in case of its loss. Third picture represents electronic form of one boarding pass.

Yes, it means you can board the plane with your phone. Some airlines requires you to do the online check-in and obtain your boarding pass printed or on some portable device. Otherwise, they will charge you airport check-in. It happened to me when I was traveling with WizzAir from Madrid. We payed 70 euros for 2 boarding passes just for not reading what it was written on our e-ticket. This depends not only from the airline but as well from the airport technology. Some airlines do not allow online check-in at various airports and they will issue your tickets for free. So inform well!

What about the online check-in? What do I need?

1.Go to the carrier’s website

2.Find check-in online option

3.Retrieve your booking using your email/surname and reservation number

4.Enter travel documents

5.Print or download your boarding pass

6.Enjoy your flight!

Once you start the process you will enter personal details. The type of information you are about to provide depends from the airline. One more important thing! You can do the check-in from several days up to 2 or 1 hour prior to departure time.

What are the benefits of online check-in?

1.It’s free and simple

2.You can do it from anywhere

3.It’s saving your time

In the following text we are exploring new technologies that some airports are about to implement. As a result we are getting more and more of modern airports in the world. Stay with Trippingly 🙂