Don’t be a sleeper. Begin with small steps.

The previous post published by Ivana, inspired me to write how I started to organize trips on my own.  I admit, I was “a sleeper”. I let travel agencies organize trips for me. It cost me a lot of money and a lot of nerves.  After traveling to Kenya with Ivana, I realized how she organizes her trips. It was an amazing  cognition and it seemed like easily.

So, I decided to start with organizing trips on my own. I knew what I want. Destination near Serbia with cheap and perfect accommodation. It was Budapest. First of all, I was searching on booking and looking  for a hotel in the center with good reviews , cheap price,  swimming pool, sauna, breakfast  and free cancellation. And I found it.

*Important: Free cancellation doesn’t have to mean it is free.  I have booked the same hotel  twice, because the next day it was cheaper and I tried to cancel previous booking with bigger price but they declined me. I needed to pay full fee. That meant I was due tos pay two rooms when I arrive to the hotel. No way. So, I tried to cancel booking with cheaper price. Fortunately, it was successful without any fees. But, when I arrived to the hotel, the receptionist tried to charge me a fee for twice booking. In that situations you should ask to talk with their supervisor to resolve an issue. Also, in the most cases, there is no need for talking with their boss. Because, they become smarter at once and resolve your problem without any fees and boss 🙂

Second thing was to organize a transport to Budapest. That was easy. There is a transfer company which organizes the transport daily from Belgrade to Budapest.

The last thing was to find out what is most importantly to visit and organize tour. Peace of cake. We explained how to do in our previous posts.

Finally, I could enjoy in my trip and have a good time.

Therefore, don’t be a sleeper, begin with small steps.