Just smile and pass!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody says traveling? For me it’s the airport. A place where adventures begin. A place with million people around you. Rushing and being excited about new experiences. For some travelers airports are also very stressful. Queues, crowd, security checks, passport controls… And your flight is about to depart – without you!

Seems like the incoming technologies are about to change everything. So many things you can do online, from your home. Above all, avoid waiting and wasting your time at the airport. The next I would like to share with you is something I’ve found out recently.

For more comfort and safety, face recognition becomes more and more popular in different applications, especially at the airports. Replacement for gates or kiosk system are associated with high effort and enormous costs. Since more than 10 years MODI is specialized on biometric face and Iris recognition products to simplify access control and enrollment processes. It provides solutions for several environments, based on the best biometric recognition technology worldwide.

So what is this all about? Biometric check-in, baggage drop-off, terminal entrance, automated border control and boarding gates. This is where this technology can be implemented. MODI is about to win a lot of airports and airlines for this technology.

Where did I learn this?

I read about it on LinkedIn. Marcel Riwalsky, CEO and Social Media Manager at Aviation-Event, is organizing conferences in Germany. The main topics are about aviation and his idea was to gather all experts from this field once a year. This year the conference was at Dusseldorf airport. So all interested participants for the next year can contact Marcel for early bird tickets!

About Aviation-Event

The exclusive platform for a much needed open dialogue between the aviation industry, the business world and politics at a senior level. Aviation-Event is the leading platform for aviation conferencing – aviation professionals, aviation experts and top decision makers out of the aviation industry have the opportunity to access to all aspects of the industry.

To find out more visit his website at http://www.aviation-event.de/

Read and inform yourself! Because – that is the first step to the perfect organization.