Unusual and funny experiences on your travel

Traveling can sometimes be a pretty unpredictable and exciting. You can travel, get the various experiences and than realize how world is wide and worth.  You may have the desire to share your experiences with the people around you. We have a strong desire to share our experiences. So, here are a few of our stories in no particular order.

Sometimes, drinking a coffee can be unusual.  

It was happened in Kenya. One day, after the beach, I prepared the coffee. I sat down on the balcony to relax. Then I realized I’d forgotten the book in the room so I should come in to take it. When I came back, the monkey was drinking my coffee on the balcony. I was shocked and tried to push him away but he was looking at me like the coffee was really belonged to him. Little rude monkey, don’t play with me!

Customs and shells

Zanzibar has really beautiful natural wealth. I had been collecting shells and corals on the beaches for days. Holiday was over quickly and it was time to go home. At the airport I should pass customs. Everything was O.K., but suddenly the policeman stopped me and marked me off. I didn’t know what was wrong. He told me how I had stolen shells and corals and how I should pay fine for it.  Fortunately, the fine was only 10 dollars. No problem if I could bring shells with me. All happy and satisfied. 

Customs and two right hands 

After a long and hard trip, we had landed at the airport. I was pretty exhausted and tired. The last step before enjoying my travel was to get visa. I filled the form and went to hand it. Also, I should give a print. I didn’t hear when police officer said me to give the left and then the right hand. I gave only right hand both of times ? . 10 days later, at the same place, second police officer asked me for giving the prints. I gave left hand but scanning device was showing an error. Remembered that I was clumsy and I didn’t give the left hand 10 days ago. So, I gave the right hand stealthily and finally passed customs successfully. I felt relief. Me and airports.

What kind of stories do you have to tell us?