Rewards programs for loyal travelers.

In this text I would like to introduce and explain the meaning and the benefits that travelers get by becoming a member of one loyalty program.

First of all, I will underline the definition of loyalty program. Loyalty program is a program offered by one company with the main goal to encourage travelers around the world to keep using the services of that specific company. As a result, company is offering their loyalty users plenty of benefits and special discounts.

I have been traveling for years on my own, therefore, this type of program was definitely something that helped me save my money. Certainly, I would recommend you to do the same. It costs you nothing, but you can gain so much from it.

Airlines Rewards Programs

Many airlines offer to their passengers loyalty cards, or, how they call it – frequent flyer programs. How to become a member of one FFP? It’s very easy. Some airlines offer the enrollment forms on board the aircraft or at the check-in counter. However, the easiest way is to visit the website of specific airline and find that option.

On the picture above, you can see KLM’s homepage. FFP of this airline is called Flying Blue. In the bottom left corner you can find the registration form and in that way, to become a member of this loyalty program.

After completing this form, you will receive your card. This card can be printed, or, upon your request, you can receive a plastic one on your home address. Therefore, it is very important to mention that only by being a really loyal member, you can start enjoying discounts and other benefits. Of course, every loyalty program has different levels of loyalty, such as Explorer, Silver, Platinum, Gold etc.

You forgot your card? No problem. At any moment, you can claim your miles. Almost all airlines, give you the claim miles option within the past few months.

Another interesting fact, is that many airlines will accept miles you gained flying with another airline that has a partnership with the issuing company of your loyalty card.

Example: You are flying with Aircalin and you own Flying Blue card. Those miles will accumulate on your account because, Aircalin is in partnership deal with KLM. Beside Aircalin, you can earn miles by flying with Air France, HOP!, Joon, Kenya Airways, Tarom or Transavia.

Start exploring your favorite airline’s loyalty program and enroll as soon as possible!

Hotels Rewards Programs

Also, when talking about loyalty programs, hotels offer a wide variety of benefits to their loyal guests. One of those loyalty programs is Genius programme offered by Every booking counts!¬†Geniuses get off thousands of properties worldwide.¬†Geniuses unlock more discounts and rewards as they book more. Win at travel. It’s genius.

Besides there are so many more rewards programs such as:

1.Starwood Preferred Guest

2.World of Hyatt

3.Hilton Honors

4.IHG Rewards

5.Marriott Rewards etc.

All those programs have the same goal – to attract business to its properties. Business travelers or any other frequent travelers are great target group for hotel chain owners. So, they want this targeted group to choose their hotel among others in the same area.

Finally, start experiencing benefits.

Safe travels from Trippingly.

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