This is how I organized our trip.

In this text I will take you through my organization of one perfect trip. We decided to visit Africa one more time because, for us, Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. So wild, so adventurous.

As you know, we are from Belgrade, so our first job was to find the perfect flight to Kenya. Since we wanted to spend time on Indian ocean, I was researching a little, and discovered one beautiful village on the beach, near Mombasa. Then I checked if there is an airport in Mombasa – great job, there is international airport (MBA code)! Cheapest flight was taking us from Belgrade to Amsterdam than to the capital, Nairobi, and finally our destination – Mombasa. The whole trip was 17 h with layovers.

There are several things I would like to add, better said, to remind you! Always check your connection time. My personal experience shows that 2 hours are a perfect stop between two flights. Everything bellow 2 hours can be risky. It depends from the airport but as well from some things you can’t affect to. Like weather conditions or some technical issues with your aircraft that might cause delay.

Important! If you are transiting at Nairobi airport have this on mind! You will be required to collect your checked bags once you land, to change the terminal building (to go from international to domestic terminal building) and to check your bags again! Remember – this is only for those who are transiting for domestic flights, like we were transiting to Mombasa. This is the link which will take you to the terminal map at Nairobi airport.

Once we have booked our tickets, I started reading about two very important things – visas and health conditions. Regarding visa – you should definitely get one if you are planning to visit Kenya. There are two options and her price is around 50 USD:

1.Get visa at your entry point to Kenya or

2.Apply online.

My advice is to do it online for several reasons. It will save your time at the airport. Airport stuff is sooo slow that it will take you one light year to get it through the passport control. Some people from our flight lost their connections because it took them so long to get their visas. If you apply for visa online, you will go straight to the DIPLOMAT counter. No more queues at the airport! There are 3 counters, one for diplomats, one for citizens and the last one, called visa, is for those without visa.

For more information about vaccination and other medical issues I will refer you to the WHO website, where you can find details for every country you are planning to visit. Of course, we bought travel insurance in our country and I always recommend to have this with you for just in case.

Last but not the least, accommodation and transfer from the airport to the hotel. We booked our villa on I will leave you the link here. It was located right on the beach, in village called Ukunda. They offered us a transfer for a fee (it was around 30 USD round trip per person for a ride of 1 h 30 min). In that moment, they didn’t have any other road that leads to this part of Mombasa province so we had to use ferry in one part, when crossing Mombasa channel. This ride takes around 15 minutes. The Likoni ferry is very crowded. We were shocked when we saw all those people standing next to each other.

Smile. You are in Kenya! We had a great time and we are planning to make another visit, but, this time in Nairobi. We will write more about our experience while staying in Ukunda.