Traveling is the best way to learn about cultures and people. Every country, every part of the world is unique, and there are so many different stories and experiences you can share from every single trip. How do you prepare for new adventures? Do you read articles on the Internet, look for great restaurants, best shopping malls, touristic attractions? No matter how good you are at researching, there are always some things that can surprise you (both, positive and negative) and we are about to see some of them!

1.In Singapore, chewing gum in public is forbidden. Also, not flushing the water in public toilets is a violation of the rules.

2.If you are planning to visit some big city, find out if there are free guided tours. These tours are common in most of the European cities, such as Amsterdam and Barcelona. It is important to say that even if they are for free, you have to sign up for your place online. At the end of the tour, please, remember to tip your guide!

3.Traffic signs are the common thing, but, in Japan, you will find the signs worming you not to text messages while walking. In India, there is a sign warning you not to spit on the street and in some airports in Iceland there is a “No camping” sign. I always wanted to camp there, bad luck. 😀

4.You are in Turkey, and you would like to pay your bill in the restaurant. Do not shake with your hand in the air! In this country, this is a call for a fight.  Instead, raise your hand above the plate with your palm facing the plate.

5.When booking some rooms in Paris, take care and inform before your stay about the bathroom availability. It is common thing for most of the old buildings to have shared bathroom on each level. Sometimes you can not find this information in your booking details.

6.In some rare and beautiful places, locals will ask you not to share the exact location of that place on social media. The plan is to keep these places away from the big number of tourists. Respect the local culture!

7.In Jakarta, Indonesia, there is a nightclub called X2. The dress code requires that ladies must wear heels. You forgot to bring your pair of shoes? Don’t worry about it! In front of the club, one gentleman is having a stand where he sells shoes so you can enter the club.

8.Prado museum in Madrid offers to his visitors free entrance every Monday to Saturday. Last 2 hours, before closing, a big line is being formed in front of the Prado. The line is huge but once they start entering, everything goes very fast. Sunday and holiday from 17h to 19h.

9.Even if you are not a Muslim, in some countries, you have to respect Ramadan in public. No drinking, no swimming, no eating.

10.Talking about the Middle East, it is a common thing that in most of the hotel rooms you can find on the ceiling a sign (like a small arrow) pointing the Meka. Also, it is not unusual to see people praying on board the aircraft in the direction of Meka. Of course, after getting this information from the cabin crew.

As you can see, it’s not all just about cheap restaurants and hotel rooms. You can learn so much about one nation, about one tradition. We would like to invite you to keep sending us your experiences so we can share it with others. We hope you enjoyed reading this text and that you have learned something new.