What happens if you miss a connecting flight?

As we mentioned on our homepage, sometimes “small” inconveniences occur. I had been travelling with travel agency to Zanzibar. We landed at Dubai airport and had a connection about five hours. It seemed that the boarding time we had to wait would  never tick away. Suddenly, we didn’t see other familiar passengers from our agency. We only saw on control table that boarding time for our flight was ended. Quickly, we run to the gate, but woman on security check said politely we missed a chance to board. We tried to ask her to let us go because we were late only three minutes, but she strictly said that was too late.

What happens when you miss the flight in the country you don’t have a visa for?

Except  you will spend a lot of money for buying a new ticket, you need to pass through some steps.

1. Report the missing flight.

2. Check when the first next flight is.

3. You have to buy ticket only online.

You can’t go out from terminal until you buy a new ticket. So,when you buy ticket, you will show it as a proof.  After that you are free to go out from terminal but you are not free to go out from the airport. In that case, your only choice is to go to the airport hotel.

*Important: What about your checked luggage?

Well, it’s safe. As soon as they notice that you are not on the passenger list, they will offload your luggage.

You may wonder if travel agency refunded our money for tickets. I would only like to say: “No!”. I was wondering where travel guide had been and why he hadn’t warned us. Later, I found out that he was first passing through gate without paying attention on other passengers. Nice job.

It is one more reason to keep things in your hands and organize trip without agency.